DVD design for Sean Ireland's indie comedy "The Foreclosure"

Jeff Palmer took on our project without my having to do a thing, selected the material that he believed would be the most effective in terms of marketing and aesthetics, and developed a signature look that I could not have imagined for the film on my own. I was at first reluctant to give anyone freedom to reshape material that I had worked with for so long, but after talking with Jeff for a little while, I felt reassured. He was pleasant, sensitive to my needs, attentive, and quickly came up with a number of ideas I hadnít considered. I was intrigued by what he had to say and in a matter of an hour or so I was seeing things I hadnít seen, considering alternatives I hadnít thought of. When I saw the final version I was simply blown away. Our film has been elevated to a new level. Jeff has given us an edge in this very competitive game.

~ Sean Ireland, 354 Films, Los Angeles, CA

Photos have been adjusted for print, so they're a bit bright here, but you get the idea...



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