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Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at the COVER ME CONTEST!

Are you ready to SAVE THE WORLD??? Here's your chance!

I wrote this campy "superhero" song a while back (1996?) and since I'm a hack musician (more a filmmaker/artist) I'd love to find some bands to perform, record and post their results online for the world to enjoy. I'd just enjoy hearing and seeing it come to fruition and made available for a larger audience.

It needs a little polishing (make an assessment) but the main riffs and lyrics are decent and kinda catchyÖ or so Iíve been told. Let me know what you think. I recorded a version of it with a Casio (it's rough) but any accomplished musician(s) could imagine replacing the tracks with big power chords, better synth and much better vocals and production quality. It needs some muscle behind it!

This is where you come in...

The right band/singer/songwriter could take this and run with it and have some fun. Punkify it... rock it up... cover it & make it yours.

Below is the song with scrolling lyrics. Again, itís rough and I sound like an idiot, but thatís why I need your help. With any luck this song will find the right performance to do it justice. Who knows?

When you've recorded your version, post it on YouTube or send me the link so I can include it here on the site. Please include a "written by" credit somewhere in your clip. :)


Jeffrey Blake Palmer aka "Swifty"




Rock on!

Jeffrey Blake Palmer

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* I also have a track called "Love songs make me puke" that is available. Let me know if you're interested.

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